Rating: 5 stars

Chef Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen is the single best Cookbook I have ever bought. Not only are the recipes great but the writing style is clear and the instructions are easy to follow. Prudhomme explains exactly what to do, how and why. This is the first book I have had where I have been actually able to follow the recipes.

The Chicken Etoufee Recipee alone is worth every penny I paid for this book (I love that stuff). Also on the favorites list: Chicken Curry, Chicken and Aduoille Gumbo, Cajun Meatloaf, Cajun Roast Beef, Brabant Potatoes, Extra Hot Sauce For Beef and let’s not forget the Spiced Pear Gravy (which I Always make with roast turkey or chicken).

The Spiced Pear Gravy never fails to impress people.A Note for those who don’t like salt. In all the recipes I use about half the salt the book says to (since I have never liked salty food). Also I always substitute Scallions for Onion (I only use the bottom (white and light green part) half of the scallion though) since my wife hates onions but doesn’t mind green onions.

The recipes always work though and always taste great. If you like Spicy, flavorful food then buy it. You won’t regret it.

Book Review: The best cookbook I’ve ever read
I’ve owned this cookbook for about five years, and still haven’t made anything out of it that wasn’t delicious. It’s loaded with wonderful recipes and explanations of techniques that will help you become a better cook. This book is good for a beginner or an advanced cook. There are some simpler recipes (for example, the Cajun Meatloaf) that are good starting points for someone who is just starting out….they still taste wonderful. I didn’t know much about cooking when I started using this book, and quickly figured out what I was doing and the results were better than I could imagine.

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