“She belonged–even if her life was difficult–like a flower belongs to its thorny stem . . . . She was a blossom unfolding. Her heart had been broken. Open. This was a good thing. And she knew it.” ~K.S.R. Kingworth

The book is well-written and edited by an online essay help serviceSecret Speakers earned Textnovel’s 2008 Reader’s Choice Award as a serialized cell phone novel.

Fair O’Nelli is a normal girl, except for one small fact: She has spent the last nine years of her life living in a cellar with her loyal dog, studying the Scrolls of Truth by mysterious fingerlight, educated by her mother in the dark of night to avoid being discovered. She knows that her father and brother are missing . . . or dead.

Fair is set free on the day she comes of age, when it’s safe for her to be seen. Little does she know the gods are about to call her to bring a miracle to Cloven Grave. In the company of three guardians, Fair encounters dangers and adventures as she follows the grassy path to find a stranger named Selador at an unknown place called Selador’s Gate. Along the way, Fair discovers a deep, dark secret the parents of Cloven Grave know nothing about.

 In it’s simplest form, Secret Speakers is about leaving home and returning safely once again. 

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