One more chapter, more ex-members, a lost lost drummer, one more death threat, the Freemasons and a new girl

“A hoot” – Sunday Times books of the year/music (Robert Sandall)

“The best book yet on a band that have evolved into a cross between a large Victorian family and a rehab unit” – The Times (music books of the year 2008)

“The general reader will enjoy The Fallen more [than Mark E. Smith’s Renegade!]” – The Observer (music books of 2008)

“The author is writing out of his skin. I cannot recall enjoying a book about contemporary music as much for many years” – Plan B magazine

“A terrific if slightly tragic read. Great tales” – Dublin Herald, 15.11.08

“Buy this book or get it on your Christmas list. It’s a rollicking read where all the stories are true, including the lies” –

“(An) extraordinary book” – Simon Price, Independent On Sunday 9.11.08

“A great book… an amazingly great book… a simple but excellent concept. Absolutely brilliant. It has made me race back to all 554 Fall songs and put them on repeat” – Everett True, Guardian Unlimited

“A tremendous read. I warmly recommend it” – Stuart Maconie, Radio 2

“Riveting stuff – four stars/recommended” – Q magazine

**** – Time Out

“A Canterbury Tales for the MP3 generation” – Stewart Lee

“Hilarious…. Horror stories… Dave Simpson’s written the book we have waited our entire lives to read?!?” – Peter Wild,

“Fascinating, amusing and moving… a British, provincial take on Apocalypse Now! where Kurtz (Smith) is encountered by Capt. Willard (Simpson) before the latter gets on the boat” – The Quietus

“Brilliant and bloody awkward. Just like its subjects” – The Word

“Tracks down The Fallen – a difficult task given Mark E. Smith’s tendency to fire, assault and abandon them” – Mail On Sunday Live mag “In Demand” book of the week

“That book will go down in history as one of the maddest of all time. It is so accurate as to be uncanny. That is how it was. People who read it will be stunned.” – Tommy Crooks, guitarist, The Fall, 1997-8

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